Left column, from top: Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) and Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy) from the 1995 miniseries; Matthew Rhys (Fitzwilliam Darcy) and Anna Maxwell Martin (Elizabeth Darcy) in Death Comes to Pemberley; Daniel Vincent Gordh (William Darcy) and Ashley Clements (Lizzie Bennet) in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; the Bennet sisters prepare for battle in Pride + Prejudice + Zombies; Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail

Middle column, from top: Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy) and Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Bennet) in the 2005 film; Gemma Arterton (Elizabeth Bennet), Jemima Rooper (Amanda Price) and Elliot Cowan (Mr. Darcy) in Lost in Austen; Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones; the Hallmark TV movie Unleashing Mr. Darcy; Keri Russell and Bret McKenzie in Austenland; Jena Malone (Lydia) and Rupert Friend (Wickham) in the 2005 film

Right column, from top: Martin Henderson (Will Darcy) and Aishwarya Rai (Lalita Bakshi) in Bride & Prejudice; Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier in the 1940 classic; Kam Heskin as Elizabeth Bennet in the Utah-set 2003 adaptation; Elizabeth Garvie (Elizabeth Bennet) and David Rintoul (Mr. Darcy) in the 1980 miniseries; the Bennet family in the 2019 Lifetime version, Pride and Prejudice Atlanta

Pride and Prejudice


From classic to contemporary, Pride and Prejudice has been revisited on film more often than any other work in the Austen canon. Sadly, some — including the 1952 television version starting Peter Cushing as Mr. Darcy and a 1958 version with Patrick Macnee — are now lost to posterity. But fortunately we have a wealth of adaptations — from the faithful to the modern to the “inspired by” — to turn to in between rereading the original novel. The latest version is the first to feature an all African-American cast, Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, which debuted on Lifetime in June 2019. Another new version is in the works — a more traditional, albeit “darker” version, from the producers of Poldark and Victoria planned for British television in 2020.

Traditional Adaptations

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

The first big-screen adaptation of the novel in 65 years, the 2005 version was set in 1797, when Austen wrote the first draft, rather than 1813, when she revised the novel. It also features a grittier Longbourn, a more tomboyish Elizabeth and a shyer version of Darcy, and a bit more Brontë than Austen at times.

Focus Features
Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Paul Webster
Director: Joe Wright
Screenplay: Deborah Moggach (with uncredited script doctoring by Emma Thompson)

Lead cast:
Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Bennet)
Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy)
Rosamund Pike (Jane Bennet)
Simon Woods (Mr. Bingley)
Rupert Friend (Mr. Wickham)
Jena Malone (Lydia Bennet)
Donald Sutherland (Mr. Bennet)
Blenda Blethyn (Mrs. Bennet)
Tom Hollander (Mr. Collins)
Claudie Blakley (Charlotte Lucas)
Judi Dench (Lady Catherine)
Kelly Reilly (Caroline Bingley)
Tamzin Merchant (Georgiana Darcy)
Penelope Wilton (Mrs. Gardiner)
Peter Wright (Mr. Gardiner)

Pride & Prejudice 2005 trailer
Pride & Prejudice 2005 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

The six-hour miniseries is generally considered to be the gold standard, thanks to Andrew Davies’ prowess as an adapter of classic literature and the strength of Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle as leads. The extended run time also allowed the filmmakers to feature more of the novel’s characters and follow the plot more closely than in a feature film.

BBC and A&E
Producer: Sue Birtwistle
Director: Simon Langton
Screenplay: Andrew Davies

Lead cast:
Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet)
Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy)
Susannah Harker (Jane Bennet)
Crispin Bonham-Carter (Mr. Bingley)
Adrian Lukis (Mr. Wickham)
Julia Sawalha (Lydia Bennet)
Benjamin Whitrow (Mr. Bennet)
Alison Steadman (Mrs. Bennet)
David Bamber (Mr. Collins)
Lucy Scott (Charlotte Lucas)
Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Lady Catherine)
Anna Chancellor (Caroline Bingley)
Emilia Fox (Georgiana Darcy)
Joanna David (Mrs. Gardiner)
Tom Wylton (Mr. Gardiner)

Pride and Prejudice 15 years later
Pride and Prejudice 1995 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1980)

A faithful adaptation, staying close to the original dialogue and plot, this videotaped version was mostly shot in studio and feels a bit more like watching a play, as is true of most productions of the era. At 4 hours and 25 minutes, it’s shorter than the 1995 update.

Producer: Jonathan Powell
Director: Cyril Coke
Screenplay: Fay Weldon

Lead cast:
Elizabeth Garvie (Elizabeth Bennet)
David Rintoul (Mr. Darcy)
Sabina Franklyn (Jane Bennet)
Osmund Bullock (Mr. Bingley)
Peter Settelen (Mr. Wickham)
Natalie Ogle (Lydia Bennet)
Moray Watson (Mr. Bennet)
Priscilla Morgan (Mrs. Bennet)
Malcolm Rennie (Mr. Collins)
Irene Richard (Charlotte Lucas)
Judy Parfitt (Lady Catherine)
Marsha Fitzalan (Caroline Bingley)
Emma Jacobs (Georgiana Darcy)
Barbara Shelley (Mrs. Gardiner)
Michael Lees (Mr. Gardiner)

Pride and Prejudice 1980 IMDB page

Film Locations



Chatsworth House in Derbyshire stood in for Pemberley in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice and in Death Comes to Pemberley.

Lyme Park

Lyme Park on the edge of the Peak District served as Pemberley in the 1995 BBC mini-series.

Renishaw Hall

Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire played the role of Pemberley in the 1980 BBC mini-series.

Harewood House

Harewood House north of Leeds in North Yorkshire stood in for Pemberley in Lost in Austen.


Luckingham Court

Luckingham Court in Wiltshire portrayed the Bennet family home Longbourn in the 1995 BBC mini-series.

Groombridge Place

Groombridge Place in Kent served as Longbourn in the 2005 film.


Edgcote Hall

Edgcote Hall in Oxfordshire served as Netherfield Park in the 1995 BBC mini-series.

Basildon Park

Basildon Park in Berkshire played Netherfield Park in the 2005 film and in Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016).

Well Vale Hall

Well Vale Hall in Alford, Lincolnshire, served as Netherfield Park in the 1980 BBC mini-series.

Bramham Park

West Yorkshire’s Bramham Park played Netherfield in Lost in Austen.

Pemberley Interiors


The sculpture gallery at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire was a key Pemberley interior in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice.

Sudbury Hall

Sudbury Hall’s long gallery portrayed one of the Pemberley interiors in the 1995 BBC mini-series.

Wilton House

Wilton House in Salisbury was used for some of the interior shots of Pemberley in the 2005 film.


Belton House

Belton House in Lincolnshire played Rosings in the 1995 BBC mini-series.

Burghley House

Burghley House in Lincolnshire portrayed Lady Catherine’s residence in the 2005 film.

Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle in North Yorkshire took the role of Rosings in Lost in Austen.

Hatfield House

Hartfield House in Hertfordshire set the scene for Rosings in Pride + Prejudice + Zombies.
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Modern/Loose Adaptations

Pride and Prejudice Atlanta (2019)

The first all African-American version of Pride and Prejudice is (obviously) set in Atlanta, with Mr. Bennet now Rev. Bennet, the pastor of a Southern Baptist congregation, and Mrs. Bennet a bestselling author of a book on how to snare the perfect husband.

Director: Rhonda Baraka
Screenplay: Tracy McMillan

Lead cast:
Tiffany Hines (Lizzie bennet)
Juan Antonio (Will Darcy)
Raney Branch (Jane Bennet)
Brad James (Mr. Bingley)
Keshia Knight Pulliam (Caroline)
Jackée Harry (Mrs. Bennet)
Reginald VelJohnson (Rev. Bennet)
Brittney Level (Mary)
Reginae Carter (Lydia)
Alexia Bailey (Kitty)
Phillip Mullings Jr. (George Wickham)
Victoria Rowell (Catherine)

Pride and Prejudice Atlanta IMDB page
Pride and Prejudice Atlanta Lifetime page
Pride and Prejudice Atlanta trailer

Bride & Prejudice (2004)

Amritsar, India, London and Los Angeles fill in for Hertfordshire, Kent and Derbyshire in this quite-faithful-to-the-novel Bollywood meets Hollywood version of Pride and Prejudice.

Director: Gurinder Chadha
Screenplay: Paul Mayeda Berges and Gurinder Chada

Lead cast:
Aishwarya Rai (Lalita Bakshi)
Martin Henderson (William Darcy)
Namrata Shirodkar (Jaya Bakshi)
Naveen Andrews (Balraj)
Daniel Gillies (Johnny Wickham)
Peeya Rai Chowdhary (Lakhi Bakshi)
Anupam Kher (Mr. Bakshi)
Nadira Babbar (Mrs. Bakshi)
Nitin Ganatra (Mr. Kohli)
Indira Varma (Kiran)
Marsha Mason (Catherine Darcy)
Alexis Bledel (Georgie Darcy)

Bride & Prejudice IMDB page
Bride & Prejudice trailer

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (2012)

This 110-episode web series introduced a new generation to Pride and Prejudice and is officially the longest adaptation recorded to date.

Directors: Bernie Su and Margaret Dunlap
Writers: Jay Bushman, Margaret Dunlap, Hank Green, Rachel Kiley, Kate Rorick, Daryn Strauss, Bernie Su and Anne Toole

Lead cast:
Ashley Clements (Lizzie Bennet)
Daniel Vincent Gordh (William Darcy)
Laura Spencer (Jane Bennet)
Christopher Sean (Bing Lee)
Mary Kate Wiles (Lydia Bennet)
Wes Aderhold (George Wickham)
Julia Cho (Charlotte Lu)
Maxwell Glick (Ricky Collins)
Jessica Jade Andres (Caroline Lee)
Allison Paige (Gigi Darcy)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries IMDB page
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube

Pride and Prejudice (1940)

Based primarily on the Helen Jerome stage adaptation, this is a loose version of the novel featuring costumes that are Victorian rather than Regency in style. It is the first feature film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Screenplay: Aldous Huxley and Jane Murfin

Lead cast:
Greer Garson (Elizabeth Bennet)
Laurence Olivier (Mr. Darcy)
Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane Bennet)
Bruce Lester (Mr. Bingley)
Edward Ashley (Mr. Wickham)
Ann Rutherford (Lydia Bennet)
Edmund Gwenn (Mr. Bennet)
Mary Boland (Mrs. Bennet)
Melville Cooper (Mr. Collins)
Karen Morley (Mrs. Collins)
Edna May Oliver (Lady Catherine)
Frieda Inescort (Miss Bingley)

Pride and Prejudice (1940) IMDB page

Lost in Austen (2008)

In this four-part mini series, ardent Austen fan Amanda accidentally trades places with Elizabeth Bennet and finds herself inside the novel, where she wreaks havoc on the plot of her favorite novel.

Director: Dan Zeff
Writer: Guy Andrews

Lead cast:
Jemima Rooper (Amanda Price)
Elliot Cowan (Mr. Darcy)
Hugh Bonneville (Mr. Bennet)
Alex Kingston (Mrs. Bennet)
Gemma Arterton (Elizabeth Bennet)
Morven Christie (Jane Bennet)
Tom Mison (Mr. Bingley)
Christina Cole (Caroline Bingley)
Tom Riley (Mr. Wickham)
Perdita Weeks (Lydia Bennet)
Guy Henry (Mr. Collins)
Lindsay Duncan (Lady Catherine)
Michelle Duncan (Charlotte Lucas)
Ruby Bentall (Mary Bennet)
Daniel Percival (Michael)

Lost in Austen IMDB page

Death Comes to Pemberley (2013)

In this mini series based on P.D. James’ mystery novel, Elizabeth and Darcy have been married for six years when a suspicious death occurs on the Pemberley grounds.

Director: Daniel Percival
Screenplay: Juliette Towhidi (based on P.D. James’ novel)

Lead cast:
Matthew Rhys (Fitzwilliam Darcy)
Anna Maxwell Martin (Elizabeth Darcy)
Matthew Goode (George Wickham)
Jenna Coleman (Lydia Wickham)
Trevor Eve (Sir Selwyn Hardcastle)
Tom Ward (Col. Fitzwilliam)
Eleanor Tomlinson (Georgiana Darcy)
James Norton (Henry Alveston)
Nichola Burley (Louisa Bidwell)
Philip Martin Brown (Mr. Bidwell)
Joanna Scanlan (Mrs. Reynolds)
Lewis Rainer (Will Bidwell)
Tom Canton (Capt. Denny)
Rebecca Front (Mrs. Bennet)
James Fleet (Mr. Bennet)

Death Comes to Pemberley IMDB page

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)

The film version hews much more closely to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice than Seth Grahame-Smith’s parody novel, transporting the characters to a Regency England overrun by zombies.

Director: Burr Steers
Screenplay: Burr Steers (based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel)

Lead cast:
Lily James (Elizabeth Bennet)
Sam Riley (Mr. Darcy)
Bella Heathcote (Jane Bennet)
Douglas Booth (Mr. Bingley)
Jack Huston (George Wickham)
Ellie Bamber (Lydia Bennet)
Matt Smith (Parson Collins)
Lena Heady (Lady Catherine)
Charles Dance (Mr. Bennet)
Sally Phillips (Mrs. Bennet)
Emma Greenwell (Caroline Bingley)
Aisling Loftus (Charlotte)
Suki Waterhouse (Kitty Bennet)
Millie Brady (Mary Bennet)

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies IMDB page

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Helen Fielding’s novel and the film on which it’s based borrow from different Pride and Prejudice plot points (more Darcy-to-the-rescue in the book, and more Darcy/Wickham back story in the film) while the homage remains the same.

Director: Sharon Maguire
Screenplay: Helen Fielding, Andrew Davies and Richard Curtis

Lead cast:
Renée Zellweger (Bridget Jones)
Colin Firth (Mark Darcy)
Hugh Grant (Daniel Cleaver)
Jim Broadbent (Bridget’s Dad)
Gemma Jones (Bridget’s Mum)
Shirley Henderson (Jude)
Sally Phillips (Shazza)
James Callis (Tom)
Embeth Davidtz (Natasha)
Celia Imrie (Una Alconbury)

Bridget Jones’s Diary IMDB page
Colin Firth and Hugh Grant on the fight choreography

Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy (2003)

In this Mormon version, the novel is transplanted to a college in modern-day Utah.

Director: Andrew Black
Screenplay: Anne K. Black, Katherine Brim and Jason Faller

Lead cast:
Kam Heskin (Elizabeth Bennet)
Orlando Seale (Will Darcy)
Lucila Solá (Jane Vasquez)
Benjamin Gourley (Charles Bingley)
Henry Macguire (Jack Wickham)
Kelly Stables (Lydia Meryton)
Amber Hamilton Russo (Kitty Meryton)
Kara Holden (Caroline Bingley)
Hubbel Palmer (William Collins)
Honor Bliss (Anna Darcy)
Carmen Rasmusen (Charlotte Lucas)
Ken Norris (Mr. Gardiner)

Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy IMDB page

Austenland (2013)

Less an adaptation than an homage, Austenland borrows several Pride and Prejudice tropes in this story that takes the heroine to a Jane Austen theme park in search of her own Mr. Darcy.

Director: Jerusha Hess
Screenplay: Jerusha Hess & Shannon Hale (based on Hale’s novel)

Lead cast:
Keri Russell (Jane Hayes)
JJ Feild (Henry Nobley)
Bret McKenzie (Martin)
Jennifer Coolidge (Elizabeth Charming)
James Callis (Colonel Andrews)
Georgia King (Lady Amelia Heartwright)
Rupert Vansittart (Mr. Wattlesbrook)
Ricky Whittle (Captain East)
Jane Seymour (Mrs. Wattlesbrook)
Ayda Field (Molly)

Austenland IMDB page

Wishbone: “Furst Impressions” (1995)

A Jack Russell terrier imagines himself as the lead character in a different story from classic literature in each episode of the PBS series. He portrayed Mr. Darcy in episode 25, season one.

Screenplay: Vincent Brown

Lead cast:
Larry Brantley (voice of Wishbone)
Dee Hennigan (Elizabeth Bennet)
Sally Nystuen (Jane Bennet)
Joe Nemmers (Mr. Wickham)
Lisa Gabrielle Greene (Lydia Bennet)
Brent Anderson (Mr. Bennet)
Sharon Bunn (Mrs. Bennet)
Brent Anderson (Mr. Bingley)
Jeanne Simpson (Caroline Bingley)

Wishbone IMDB page

Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016)

This Hallmark Channel TV movie centers on the dog-show world and is based on a book influenced by Pride and Prejudice.

Director: David Winning
Screenplay: Teena Booth (based on a book by Teri Wilson)

Lead cast:
Cindy Busby (Elizabeth Scott)
Ryan Paevey (Donovan Darcy)
Frances Fisher (Violet Darcy)
Sarah Desjardins (Zara Darcy)
Elizabeth McLaughlin (Gabrielle Barrow)
Tammy Gillis (Jenna Scott)
Liviu Rain (Mr. Bingley)

Unleashing Mr. Darcy IMDB page

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

A modernization of The Shop Around the Corner, the film includes several nods to Pride and Prejudice.

Director: Nora Ephron
Screenplay: Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron
Play: Nikolaus Laszlo

Lead cast:
Tom Hanks (Joe Fox)
Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly)
Greg Kinnear (Frank Navasky)
Parker Posey (Patricia Eden)
Jean Stapleton (Birdie Conrad)
Steve Zahn (George Pappas)
Heather Burns (Christina Plutzker)

You’ve Got Mail IMDB page

Before the Fall (2016)

A modern-day re-imagining of Pride and Prejudice set in rural Virginia with gay protagonists and the status of the two leads inverted. Darcy is down on his luck while “Ben” Bennett is an affluent attorney.

Screenplay: Byrum Geisler

Lead cast:
Ethan Sharrett (Ben Bennett)
Chase Conner (Lee Darcy)
Brandi Price (Jane Gardiner)
Jason Mac (Chuck Bingley)
Carol Marie Rinn (Cathy Burge)
Jonathan Horvath (George Wickham)

Before the Fall IMDB page

Marrying Mr. Darcy (2018)

This Hallmark Channel TV movie is a sequel to Unleashing Mr. Darcy.

Director: David Winning
Screenplay: Teena Booth (based on a book by Teri Wilson)

Lead cast:
Cindy Busby (Elizabeth Scott)
Ryan Paevey (Donovan Darcy)
Yasmeene Ball (Zara Darcy)
Tammy Gillis (Jenna Scott)
Lini Evans (Linda Scott)

Marrying Mr. Darcy IMDB page

Christmas at Pemberley Manor and Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe


Hallmark offered up two holiday-themed “Pride and Prejudice” stories, the first has New York event planner Elizabeth Bennet organizing a festival in a small town where she meets William Darcy while the latter makes a gender switch with Lacey Chabert as workaholic Darcy.

Thug Notes: Pride and Prejudice

YouTube sensation Thug Notes presents a spot-on, hilarious 4-minute, 15-second take on Pride and Prejudice.

Director/Writer: Jared Bauer
Star: Greg Edwards

Thug Notes: Pride and Prejudice YouTube page

Lost Adaptations

Pride and Prejudice (1967)

This six-episode series aired on the BBC, and some video excerpts still exist. Only four Bennet sisters appear in this version: Mary is missing.

Director: Joan Craft
Screenplay: Nemone Lethbridge

Lead cast:
Celia Bannerman (Elizabeth Bennet)
Lewis Flander (Mr. Darcy)
Polly Adams (Jane Bennet)
David Savile (Mr. Bingley)
Richard Hampton (Mr. Wickham)
Lucy Fleming (Lydia Bennet)
Michael Gough (Mr. Bennet)
Vivian Pickles (Mrs. Bennet)
Julian Curry (Mr. Collins)
Kate Lansbury (Charlotte Lucas)
Sylvia Coleridge (Lady Catherine)
Georgina Ward (Caroline Bingley)

Pride and Prejudice 1967 YouTube page

Pride and Prejudice 1967 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1958)

This was a six-episode series that aired on the BBC and is now considered lost.

Producer: Barbara Burnham
Screenplay: Cedric Wallis

Lead cast:
Jane Downs (Elizabeth Bennet)
Alan Badel (Mr. Darcy)
Susan Lyall Grant (Jane Bennet)
William Squire (Mr. Bingley)
Colin Jeavons (Mr. Wickham)
Vivienne Martin (Lydia Bennet)
Hugh Sinclair (Mr. Bennet)
Marian Spencer (Mrs. Bennet)
Jack May (Mr. Collins)
Barbara New (Charlotte Lucas)
Phyllis Neilson-Terry (Lady Catherine)
Greta Watson (Caroline Bingley)

Pride and Prejudice 1958 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1958)

This one-hour version aired as part of Encounter, an anthology series out of Toronto that was carried by ABC in the U.S. It starred Patrick Macnee, who went on to headline the cult British series The Avengers.

Encounter/General Motors Presents
Director: Paul Almond
Screenplay: Henry Misrock

Lead cast:
Kay Hawtrey (Elizabeth Bennet)
Patrick Macnee (Mr. Darcy)
Jill Showell (Jane Bennet)
Alwyne Whatsley (Mr. Bingley)
Timothy Findley (Mr. Wickham)
Patricia Farmer (Lydia Bennet)
Tony Van Bridge (Mr. Bennet)
Marjorie Leete (Mrs. Bennet)
Ivor Barry (Mr. Collins)
Diana Maddox (Charlotte Lucas)
Margot Christie (Lady Catherine)
Ann Morrish (Caroline Bingley)

Pride and Prejudice 1958 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1956)

This one-hour version aired as part of Matinee Theatre, a daily anthology show, and is now considered lost. Helene Hanff, who wrote the script, is best known for her book 84 Charing Cross Road. Somewhat strangely, only one of the actors is listed with the character played, and that is Mr. Bingley.

Director: Sherman Marks
Screenplay: Helene Hanff

Lead cast:
Anthony Dearden
Joan Elan
David Frankham (Mr. Bingley)
Marcia Henderson
Doris Lloyd

Pride and Prejudice 1956 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1952)

This was a six-episode series that included Thea Holme as Jane Austen, Peter Cushing as Mr. Darcy and Prunella Scales as Lydia Bennet. It’s such a shame this has been lost! It would be fascinating to see how Jane Austen worked into the plot.

Director: Campbell Logan
Screenplay: Cedric Wallis

Lead cast:
Thea Holme (Jane Austen)
Daphne Slater (Elizabeth Bennet)
Peter Cushing (Mr. Darcy)
Ann Baskett (Jane Bennet)
David Markham (Mr. Bingley)
Richard Johnson (Mr. Wickham)
Prunella Scales (Lydia Bennet)
Milton Rosmer (Mr. Bennet)
Gillian Lind (Mrs. Bennet)
Lockwood West (Mr. Collins)
Ursula Hanray (Charlotte Lucas)
Helen Haye (Lady Catherine)
Harriette Johns (Caroline Bingley)

Pride and Prejudice 1952 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1949)

This Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse production is now considered lost.

Director: Fred Coe
Screenplay: Samuel Taylor

Lead cast:
Madge Evans (Elizabeth Bennet)
John Baragrey (Mr. Darcy)

Pride and Prejudice 1949 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1938)

This 55-minute TV movie aired on May 22, 1938 and is now considered lost.

Director: Campbell Logan
Screenplay: Michael Barry

Lead cast:
Curigwen Lewis (Elizabeth Bennet)
Andrew Osborn (Mr. Darcy)
Antoinette Cellier (Jane Bennet)
Lewis Stringer (Mr. Bingley)
Andre Morell (Mr. Wickham)
Eileen Erskine (Lydia Bennet)
Allan Jeayes (Mr. Bennet)
Barbara Everest (Mrs. Bennet)
Patrick Gover (Mr. Collins)
Helen Horsey (Charlotte Lucas)
Dorothy Green (Lady Catherine)
Catherine Salkeld (Caroline Bingley)

Pride and Prejudice 1938 IMDB page

Pride and Prejudice (1936)

The stage version of Helen Jerome’s play (which served as the basis for the first theatrical film of Pride and Prejudice in 1940) was captured on film by an MGM crew for use in guiding future film adaptations, according to research by Austen scholar Devoney Looser. The big-budget stage production was seen by tens of thousands, on Broadway and then in London’s West End.

Play: Helen Jerome

Lead cast:
Colin-Keith Johnson (Mr. Darcy)
Adrianne Allen (Elizabeth Bennet)

Devoney Looser’s article on the 1936 version