Left: Memorial plaque at Jane Austen’s final resting place in Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England

JASNA Southwest Board of Directors 2022

President and Co-Regional Coordinators — Jane Boltz 

Treasurer — Claire Bellanti

Secretary — Liareza Marie Confesor Poyatos

Assistant Treasurer — Priscilla Diamond

Newsletter Editor — Karen Rueda

Meeting Registrars — Claire Bellanti and David Poepoe

Membership Manager — Priscilla Diamond

Membership Assistant — Claire Bellanti

Meeting Concierge — David Poepoe


Festival of Books Manager —  Emily Bergman

Festival of Books Assistant — Carla Washburn

Archivist/Book Sales Manager — Nancy Gallagher

Program Planner/Parliamentarian — Jan Fahey

Assistant Program Planner — Carla Washburn

Reading/Game/Film Group Coordinator — Nancy Gallagher

Social Media — Melissa Buell

Venue Coordinator — Glenda Pinney

Webmaster — Melissa Buell

Education Outreach — vacant

Contact members of the board through JASNASW@JASNASW.COM

Share news of reading groups, game groups through jasnaswnews@gmail.com