Left: Memorial plaque at Jane Austen’s final resting place in Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England

JASNA Southwest Board of Directors 2024

(Voted on at the December 2023 Regional Meeting)

Contact members of the board through JASNASW@JASNASW.COM

Share news of reading groups, game groups through jasnaswnews@gmail.com

President and Regional Coordinator — Jane Boltz 

Treasurer — Claire Bellanti

Secretary — Liareza (Lia) Marie Confesor Poyatos

Assistant TreasurerMaryann Pelensky

Newsletter Editor, Youtube Admin — Karen Rueda

Meeting Registrar — David Poepoe

Membership Manager — Priscilla Diamond

Membership Assistant — Claire Bellanti

Meeting Concierge — David Poepoe

Past Regional Coordinator – Claire Bellanti


Festival of Books Manager Linda Lawson

Festival of Books AssistantSarah Lawson & Carla Washburn

Archivist/Book Sales Manager — Nancy Gallagher

Parliamentarian — Jan Fahey

Assistant Program Planner — Carla Washburn

Reading/Film Group Coordinator — Nancy Gallagher

Social Media Coordinator, Webmaster — Melissa Buell

Venue Coordinator (venue arrangements) Catherine Hayes

Education Outreach Nancy Gallagher

Member at LargeGlenda Pinney