At our meeting on December 7, 2019, at USC Town & Gown, we will be voting on new board members as well proposed bylaws changes.

Following is the slate of new board members:

President and Regional Coordinator: Susie Wampler
Meeting Registrar/Assistant Treasurer: Claire Bellanti
Treasurer/Assistant Meeting Registrar: Priscilla Diamond
Secretary: Viki Barie
Meeting Concierges: Carol Krause and Jane Boltz
Venue Coordinators: Glenda Pinney and Teri Barela
Newsletter Editors: Susie Wampler and Karen Rueda
Membership Manager: Carol Krause
Media Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator: Teresa Chien
Festival of Books Manager: Emily Bergman
Festival of Books Assistant: Carla Washburn
Archivist/Book Sales Manager: Nancy Gallagher
Parliamentarian: Jan Fahey
Young Filmmakers Contest Coordinator: Erika Kotite
Webmaster: Susie Wampler
Reading/Film/Game Group Coordinator/Past Regional Coordinator: Cheryl Cole

Review the new bylaws changes before our meeting!