Festival of Books

Despite a rainy Saturday, the 2016 JASNA-Southwest booth at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books welcomed nearly 700 visitors over the April 9-10 weekend, introducing many area Janeites to JASNA-Southwest. Wares available in the booth included Austen’s complete ouevre, of course, along with Spanish-language editions, tote bags, t-shirts, journals and a host of Austen-inspired books — from gardening to Regency-era history.

Authors Kate Rorick (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet) and Syrie James (The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen and The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen) greeted visitors and signed copies of their works.

Emily Bergman again oversaw the effort, managing numerous volunteers. Nancy Gallagher organized the selection and delivery of books from Vroman’s Bookstore and served as cashier for much of the festival.

JASNA-Southwest has participated in the Festival of Books — the nation’s largest literary and cultural festival — since 2011.

Nancy Gallagher ready to ring up sales

Nancy Gallagher, takes a quick break between sales.

JASNA-SW partners with Vroman’s bookstore to offer an array of Austen-related items.

Visitors peruse the selection of items.

The JASNA-SW booth attracted some 700 visitors.

A visitor signing up for the JASNA-SW mailing list

Terry Ryan greeting a visitor to the booth

Terry Ryan greets a visitor to the booth.

Festival of Books coordinator Emily Bergman

Festival of Books Coordinator Emily Bergman